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We can advertise your property for sale at a very competitive one off fixed price starting from as little as £299.00 for a full description of the property, 10 photographs and floor layouts.

At present there is no VAT to add.

The Fee is not based on a % of the sales figure but based on how large the property is. The time it takes to visit, preparing descriptions, taking the photographs, preparation of the floor plan drawings and drafting out the detailed descriptions for approval etc determines the fee. 

Optional Extras

Video productions

We can offer to produce a  professionally made short but powerful video film in Full HD quality and then upload it onto the internet for the whole world to see.

We can make a quality Video of your property, filmed and edited using high quality cameras and state of the art editing software and computer equipment.

With a short video on the internet it will save you the effort of showing time wasters around your house.

People who want to visit the property have already seen it and therefore are most likely to be potential purchasers. A video can reach millions of people with the added attraction and benefits that a video can offer over a few  photographs. Go to

Prices start from as little as £299.00 for a short three minute video which is uploaded onto the internet.

And see the future of property sales and marketing now.